Yakin, Consumer Federation App


With a vision of wanting a change in the landscape of Islamic consumption, The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) was established in June of 1997. PPIM is currently a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the Department of Registration of Societies Malaysia (JPPM) set under Section 2, Establishment Act 1966.

Among the issues, PPIM concentrates on issues and challenges pertaining to halal / haram, persecution, injustice, wickedness and cruelty against Muslim consumers of Malaysia. PPIM is now widely recognized as well had successfully urging and implementing changes in the Malaysian consumer landscape.


The number of smartphone users in Malaysia is estimated to reach approximately 27 million in 2022. Reports suggest that this number might increase by another 1.5 million by 2025.  These figures created an urge for PPIM to look out for a solution that could cater to their fellow Malaysian mobile users.

PPIM wanted a mobile platform that could assist fellow citizens in initiating and tracking complaints, making a charity or a donation and registering themselves as a volunteer along with regular social media and news/blog updates. PPIM also insisted on Islamic features to be integrated into the app to provide a better holistic approach to the platform. These features included Prayer Timings, Dua, Prayer Beards, Calculation of Zakat, Hijri or Islamic Calendar along with lectures from different prominent Islamic scholars.


With the task assigned, StratAgile started the development of a mobile application and called it the “Yakin App”.  We ensured to provide a strong infrastructure to this mobile application and adopted AWS cloud infrastructure. The web servers are powered by load-balanced auto-scaled EC2 instances and the database is protected by a highly secure RDS instance with real-time and daily backups and encryption; the file system and backups are managed by S3-based storage systems. We also created a . NET-based CMS for the app.

As this mobile platform works as a “one-stop center” for all PPIM activities, the team Strategile just not only developed different APIs to support the data flow but also integrated external APIs to the Yakin app. With all the efforts, team StratAgile has successfully delivered the App and the Yakin app is now available for download on Google’s PlayStore, Apple’s AppStore, and Huawei Store.