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Loyalty Programs for Customer Engagement


Jabra is powered by 150 years of experience in transforming lives through sound. Jabra was the first to lay telegraph cables connecting Europe and Asia, the first to create ultra-noise-cancelling microphones, and the first to put an in-ear heart rate monitor in a pair of sports earbuds. Dedicated to high quality sound in all its forms, Jabra is the world’s only company that combines consumer, professional and medical grade sound technology and products under one roof. Its products range from smart hearing aids with brilliant, life-enriching sound, direct streaming in stereo and industry leading rechargeability to integrated headset, speaker and video collaboration solutions. Jabra has enhanced its expertise in sound processing, wireless technology and miniaturization by collaborating with leading technology partners. Jabra is owned by GN Audio, a part of Denmark’s 150-year-old Great Nordic Group (GN Group) that reports annual revenues in excess of $1 billion.


Jabra used to run two loyalty programs: Jabra Ambassador Program and Jabra Platinum Circle, flagship partner loyalty programs, within. The company desired to induct B2B decision makers into its fold and importantly wanted revenue enhancement by turbocharging the programs imbued with precision, clarity and tangible outcomes making predetermined impacts.


StratAgile, with its rich and renowned background in the digital domain was chosen to navigate the programs with multiple objectives earmarked.

The loyalty programs were highly customised in the sense that partner journeys dovetailed with ad-hoc interaction overlays as well as exclusive privileges fashioned around the overall journeys. The program was aimed at enhancing the relationship between the stakeholders and participants as well as facilitating a pivot to product upgrades and seeding. StratAgile undertook a calendar driven engagement framework constituted by events, webinars, and exclusive product trials apart from invitation appreciation events. The end result was that 42 B2B decision-makers were inducted registering a revenue growth of 15-20% during the program period and with zero attrition.