Campaigns & Demand Generation

With our campaign management operations and marketing automation services, your day-to-day hassles of reporting and deploying successful digital campaigns are over. Through our managed campaign bureau services, StratAgile will help to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly, efficiently – freeing you, your time and your resources to conceptualize and act on your next big idea.

Accordion Content

To facilitate quick deployment of campaigns, StratAgile provides bureau services for our clients wherever they are. These services include rapid email deployment, SMS campaigns and QR driven campaigns. Our campaign bureau helpdesk covers both the management and the reporting of data.

Our campaigns hub constructs and manages customer journeys that help brands to create goal-based campaigns for sales acceleration and moment-of-truth campaigns for relationship nurturing.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really
even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”
— Bill Gates

The importance of generating awareness, interest and demand in your market offerings cannot be overstated. StratAgile has the capability to carefully devise, plan and orient your communication to work effectively across all the touch points in your customer’s journey.

Our processes assist you to dive into the minds of your customers, understand their needs and tailor your multichannel messaging to generate awareness of your brand, create a favourable buyer’s interest in their thinking and drive that newly generated interest towards becoming your happy and loyal customer.

“Marketing is not a nice word, but the world is about marketing now. “
— Giorgio Armani




The world is developing faster than ever before. In every sphere of activity, from health and retail to marketing and finance, the pace of change and acceptance is dizzyingly quick. Watching, tracking and understanding new trends in business technology is critical for both growth and survival. >>>