Transformative Digital Solutions

StratAgile started developing products within the area of Digital-Data-Ecommerce-Insights and has rolled out 5 products in the market with a marque client footprint. One of the products is a co-owned IP development with A*STAR (SMART SHELVES – Smart Sensor Array for Retail Management & Machine Learning Models) and is in progress.


It is a mid-enterprise level E-commerce platform with B2B, B2C and marketplace configurations. Integrated with Marketing Automation, Ad Engines, Omnichannel Performance Monitoring, an API Cloud and a Blockchain Ledger, the E-commerce engine build on Core .Net and Blazer is one of the best scalable platforms in the market.


It is a Social Amplification Management Platform integrated to facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. The platform is targeted to PR firms, marketing agencies, communities and large enterprises that manage the Influencers and measure the impact of their social media operations. Plugins will be made available for all popular CMS and E-commerce platforms – Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Umbraco, Wix etc. – and is in the roadmap.


It is an Omnichannel Marketing Performance Dashboard integrated to a multitude of data sources – Customer, Transaction, Media Spend, online interactions/ behaviour, mobile app interactions/ behaviour, social interactions/ behaviour, CDP, Logistics, Loyalty etc. It touches all of the Customer Journey Cycles for an enterprise and provides a performance monitoring dashboard for decision making.


It is a platform with an integrated IoT hardware, big data processing platform and a monitoring dashboard to enable the future-ready retail store operations based on real time intelligence. The integrated web and mobile app platform beta is rolled out for one of the largest food services chains in Philippines. The first app based MVP is released for client operations.


It is a Converged Messaging App Platform for enterprises where all the enterprise messaging can be integrated through one APP. The app can be a standalone white labelled app with a configurable workflow manager linked to corporate assets and engagement KPIs.




The world is developing faster than ever before. In every sphere of activity, from health and retail to marketing and finance, the pace of change and acceptance is dizzyingly quick. Watching, tracking and understanding new trends in business technology is critical for both growth and survival. >>>