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Empowering Retail Investors Through eLearning


One of the largest and most active stock markets in Asia, Bursa Malaysia lists over 900 companies with a total listed securities market capitalization of around $500 billion. Bursa Malaysia operates and regulates a fully integrated exchange offering listing, trading, clearing, settlement and depository services. Bursa Malaysia’s pioneering initiatives include the world’s first Shariah-compliant alternative to securities borrowing and lending and the world’s first end-to-end Shariah investing platform. Bursa Malaysia’s Crude Palm Oil Futures contract (FCPO) is today the global price benchmark for Crude Palm Oil in the physical edible oil industry and in the biodiesel energy and commodity futures trading markets.


Bursa Malaysia wanted to set up a highly advanced retail investor and sustainability education platform. The exchange, seeking accelerated investor participation, both retail and institutional, had taken the view of educating the former target group. The platform for education and sustainability, unlike the recent past, can now tap into a range of cutting-edge technologies. A multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, geographically diverse country as Malaysia required a multilingual content management platform: SCORM-based Learning Management System was ideal for the purpose. StratAgile with its diverse pool of talent and with its string of elaborate, comprehensive project involvement, took up the challenge of building the system.


StratAgile brought in a team of expert academicians and industry partners to generate premium and authentic content. It designed and crafted an engagement platform that hosts the Bursa Academy and brand-managed the new e-learning portal. As a result, enhanced investor awareness translated into a tangible upsurge in market participation and expansion in market activities. Utilising the state-of-the-art technology, the design of the experience manager along with dynamic messaging attribute eased the path for every learner. The Learning Management System in conformity and compliance with SCORM enabled an orderly expansion of content modules and interoperability of content. Organic visibility and discoverability with expanding investor awareness, both a function of ongoing SEO and periodic content revision, ensure authentic content pipelines and reliability.