Marketing Automation Across Borders & Languages


Founded in 1937, Canon is a world leader in imaging products, medical systems and semiconductor industry equipment. From its base in Japan and relying on a tradition of innovation, Canon grew its local film-based camera manufacturing business into a multinational precision-imaging conglomerate with manufacturing and marketing facilities across Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Today, Canon sustains its position as a global business icon in multiple market segments through 380+ subsidiaries with consolidated annual net sales of over $30 billion.


Canon realised the need for a Prospects/ Customer segmentation with journey-centric marketing automation campaigns to turbocharge its business. A global player in digital imaging equipment, cameras and accessories, Canon wanted to deploy marketing automation and tracking solutions across 125 countries. StratAgile was chosen.


The deliverables included consumer journey lifecycles, journey assets design and deployment and tracking of automation effectiveness. Large scale marketing automation planning and execution using SFMC was integral. StratAgile carried out 8000 email campaigns a year with 15-20 journeys across the customer lifecycle being recorded resulting in 15,000,000 interactions. Forty plus languages were catered to. To enable this, StratAgile developed a scoring/ tagging framework and involved itself deeply in customer journey design tapping into a wealth of data. Campaign configuration followed this, culminating in flawless campaign execution.