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Omnichannel Dashboard For Analytics & Insights


Founded in 1960 in the United States, Domino’s is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, with over 350,000 team members operating a network of 17,200 stores in more than 90 countries. Domino’s sells around 3 million pizzas a day. More than half of Domino’s annual retail sales of over $14.3 billion now comes from international markets.

Domino’s uses ordering technology that gives customers 15 digital ways to order. This allows them to order from anywhere, at any time, using whatever device they like. In the US, Domino’s generates more than 65% of sales via their digital ordering channels. More than 90% of Domino’s international markets feature online ordering.


Domino’s deemed it was time for it to have a seamless data inflow and visualisation facility, an omnichannel dashboard with a singular view of ecommerce, marketplace, retail stores and telesales performance along with digital/social media investment and associated performance.


A robust experience matrix to back it up, StratAgile was assigned the task. Since the dashboard would cater to C-suite executives, Sales, Marketing, Operations department and the like, a multi-tiered access mechanism was also a requirement. A geo-specific RAG traffic dashboard on digital and non-digital sales was visualised and brought to fruition along with a detailed deep dive on channel performance. This accorded easy control and enhanced grip on operations and sales. Granular view of organic, paid and social media visibility and performance was integral which fired resource allocation and budget decisions on to a new trajectory of enhanced effectiveness and efficiency. While a few of the channels provide near to real time data – Google Adwords, Analytics, and Social – some of the others are fed into the dashboard based on a defined frequency. Predictability resulted.