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Bringing Together A Community Of Professionals


Docintosh is an online meeting place for medical professionals. It is also one of the fastest growing social networks for doctors where the conversation is all about medicine. Docintosh is a place to earn visibility as a medical practitioner and get liked and lauded by fellow professionals.

While the rest of the world can freely share stories, experiences and challenges, professional ethics restrains medical professionals from conversing openly in a shared environment. Docintosh provides a gated community for doctors to exchange ideas, discuss their practice, ask questions and answer queries. It is also a great opportunity to connect professionally with peers in every locality, region, country and specialty.


Docintosh wanted in place a community interaction app with Doc Coins for reward. Associations, individual physicians and hospitals would thus be able to be better connected and mutually informed, all the while being rewarded for instances of interaction.


Extant interaction patterns were analysed by StratAgile and chokepoints and conversation bottlenecks were rectified. This concept became central to the design of the app. Nil friction and fragmentation resulted in a surge in interaction levels and knowledge transfer. Several thousand members of this network were thus able to share views and branch activities, ask opinions on medical cases etc. resulting in tangible and intangible positive changes vis-à-vis patient outcomes (to start off with). Doc coins concept too proved to be a massive hit amongst the community adding to the vigor and vitality of activities.