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Marketing Automation For Brand Awareness & Acceptance


Founded in 1969, Zebra Technologies is an American multinational corporation that serves thousands of customers across the globe, including many of the world’s top companies. Holding over 4,400 patents, Zebra builds and delivers edge technologies that enable businesses to intelligently connect assets, data, and people. Zebra’s solutions work behind the scenes in retail, ecommerce, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics, public sector and other leading industries.

With more than 10,000 partners across 100 countries, Zebra provides better visibility through industry-tailored, end-to-end solutions. Zebra guides customers with clear and accurate insights for the best next action and optimizes workflows, operations and decisions in real time for efficient, impactful results.


Zebra wanted to enhance brand awareness as well as to kick-start Industry 4.0 adoption across a wide range of B2B decision makers, consultants and influencers in the ASEAN region.


A three-stroke interaction plan was mooted the lead generation of which would be propelled by PPC & display driven media mix. The prospect journey was a simple-to-moderate automation process wherein the first touch would involve the downloading of thought leadership white paper (MVS Study: 2020-2025). Enhanced engagement after a 5 day interval with video case studies on smart factories, IIoT and Industry 4.0 would follow as the second-touch. A call to action for Industry 4.0 experts to have a consultation as well as feedback on the MVS whitepaper would constitute the third touch. Two times increase in MVS study downloads, 3-4 times increase in traffic generated by “referral” to the Zebra website and progressive content viewership were the direct and immediate results. Goal attainment followed by organic and inorganic means by virtue of ripple effects.