eCommerce Build & Operations

eCommerce Operations For Segmented Markets


Zilzar is the world’s first business-to-business (B2B) halal e-commerce platform. A combination of zil from zillion and Zar from bazaar, Zilzar is a marketplace for halal buyers and sellers in the Muslim lifestyle marketplace. Headquartered in Malaysia, the Zilzar platform was launched in 2014 at the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum in Dubai by Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Sri Muhamad Najib Tun Razak who described it as a way to empower the consumer and create employment for Muslims in emerging markets.

Zilzar hosts, facilitates and monitors a SME-driven eco-system based on specific rules for halal consumption of food & beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fashion, travel, agriculture, etc. Halal certification by recognized bodies is strictly required.


The primary and all-encompassing need was the creation of the Zilzar store. This mandated a design conceived from scratch, design of the user journey and workflow along with the creation of the e-store. Integration of Zilzar with all third-party APIs was vital and so were the engines for reporting and interaction. All these had to be managed on an ongoing basis.


StratAgile tapped into its vast talent pool and brought in supreme firepower and efficiency to the table. The design creation and integration were completed in record time and seamless integration with the APIs ushered in unmatched momentum to the site, giving a positive jumpstart early on. With a robust team in place, the regular management and running of the website proceed smoothly.