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eCommerce Build For Multi-Country Operations


MPH Bookstores, owned by MPH Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd, is an Asian giant in book retailing, library services and printing-publishing-distribution of books in Malaysia and Singapore. Headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MPH Bookstores is one of the world’s leading retailing chains for published work.

Founded in Singapore over 130 years ago, the company underwent several name changes in its first decade before settling on MPH, the acronym by which it is globally known today. At various times in its evolution, MPH’s ownership changed hands between companies in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong before it became a wholly Malaysian-owned company in 2002.


MPH needed a new ecommerce 2.0 engine for the bookstore behemoth to support a multi-country multi-warehouse-based e-commerce platform. The store needed to be designed with a plethora of features added in. Data migration and convergence of web and mobile store backend assumed priority. A custom loyalty program to navigate the cut-throat market competition had to be generated. Integration of the store with all third-party APIs was a given. The store POS and the e-commerce backend too required flawless integration, not to speak of the interaction engines.


The StratCommerce platform capabilities of StratAgile were deployed with boosters on, to address the collective of requirements. With the new engine in place, MPH began to see a record uptrend in sales. With the user experience and user journey attuned to convenience of a superior degree, the loyalty program hit the bull’s-eye. The robust architecture ensured virtually zero downtimes and enhanced sales added to the top line. The regular management and running of the store is handled by StratAgile to continue to effect high value creation.