The Power of UX Design in the Era of Consumer

Online business space has become very competitive. Today, more brands are trying to sell their products and services. Hence, companies are looking for new ways to attract customers online. As a result, websites have become complicated.

A typical website design is no more about displaying images and details online. Instead, it is about delivering better user experience a.k.a. UX to deliver the interactive and rich experience. With the right kind of UX, you can see your online business growing.

UX & UI: An Intellectual Slang or Meaningful Concept?

Fancy technology words like ‘UX’ and ‘UI’ are common these days. So do these words really mean anything in the real world? Many believe UX and UI design are the same things. However, the fact is UX is about providing better user experience while UI is the process of achieving that experience.

How an Efficient UX Design Can Impact Your Business?

User experience has gained a lot of importance lately. So, how do you define a good user experience? To many, it is something that stays with the customers. However, that is not completely true in the real world.

UX Design is All about Understanding Behaviour – Understanding the behaviour patterns of the customers is important. UX Design is all about understanding human behaviour. It is about how a user feels when using a product/service.It is important to understand that people are always looking for instant answers. An efficient UX Design fits the product/service smoothly into the life of the customer.  It adds value and helps in removing the pain that the customer is experiencing.

Hence, UX Design is not a final product, but a continuous process.

UX Design Fills the Gap between Human and Technology – It is important to fill the gap between human experience and technology. UX design websites consider customers as individuals instead of online users. With UX Design, companies can find the perfect balance between human needs and business goals.

UX Design is All about Feelings
Human being is an emotional social animal. UX Design makes use of the emotional side of the people. It is not only about problem-solving, but also making the entire process simple.


UX design provides valuable experience to their customers. This helps to improve the overall income. Studies indicated that more than 75% of the users want excellent user experience.

Research showcase that customers are ready to pay for a great user experience. Apple, Adobe, Google and Amazon spend on delivering exceptional user experience. They understand that having a great product alone is not enough to keep them ahead of the curve.

These principles also extend to the mobile devices. Customers search for web sites that load quickly and offer relevant information and experience. Businesses can grow their business organically using UX design.

At StratAgile, we deliver innovative and interactive user experiences for our clients. We create intuitive designs and highly usable UX designs for great user experience.