Google Trips – See more, Plan less

Not all vacations are about unplugging. The human race has become highly dependent on our smartphones. Therefore it comes as no surprise that our cell phones are basically the second appendage in most of our trips. And rightfully so. When you’re in a foreign country, your cell phone is your best friend. Navigating through the unknown lanes, advising  you about healthy food, it is always there for you. In a way, the travel industry was never really untouched by technology and the app revolution.

The major moment in planning any vacation i.e booking your flight tickets and a stay was always covered by one helpful app or another. However, there wasn’t much help for the travelers in the actual planning bit. That was until Google launched an app that could possibly change the way one travels.

Introducing Google Trips

Google Trips, introduced in the Fall of 2016, is your personalized tour guide and travel assistant for over 200 countries a la Google style. Maps revolutionized how you get from point A to B. Google Trips is doing the same with your vacations. With data collected from your Gmail account and the large database of crowd-sourced reviews that Google has, it designs a customized itinerary for your trip so that you make the most of your well-deserved vacation. Everything from your reservations to suggestions on things to do is present in one place. And it’s all tailor-made for you, based on your previous trips and reservations.

If you’re a time-constrained traveler, Google Trips suggests you day plans, allowing you to cram in more activities within a certain vicinity. Like its sister app Google Maps, you can save most of these suggestions and information offline, preventing you from spending the big bucks on a data plan. What’s more? If you don’t like some of the suggestions, you can edit them to fit in things you want to do.


What’s new about Google Trips?

Trips has no new, out of the box feature to offer. Except that it’s cutting down your research and browsing time massively. The intel that you would’ve gathered from 10 different websites and apps, Google Trips provides you in one special city-specific travel guide. Right from solo travelers to families, there’s something for everyone here. Trips understands that every traveler is unique and hence it makes sure that each one of them has their own adventure while on their vacation. In every city specific guide, you’ll find suggestions for Indoor/outdoor activities, local favorites along with activities tailor made for you. Apart from things to do, Google Trip also has other useful features to offer. From suggestions on ways to get around the city, health and emergency contacts, currency, tipping and tax saving tips, the neatly made city guide has everything you could ask for and more.


Google Trip is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s compelling in a way that it leverages Google’s ability to tap into the data you have stored in your Gmail to provide you with a pre-planned, hassle free vacation at few screen taps. And unlike other similar travel apps, it’s free. There’s no fine print here. And with the way things are looking, in time it may prove to be the most useful consumer tool Google has introduced since Google Photos. Download the IOS App or Android App today!