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Customer Success Story - Akolade

About Akolade (

Akolade is a Sydney (Australia) based leading event management company, primarily conducting industry-focused events in Australia and New Zealand. They deliver leading-edge, well-researched events designed to aid their clients in improving their business bottom lines in various dedicated channels such as retail, supply chain, public spectrum, healthcare, and non-profit.

Akolade's Association with StratAgile

StratAgile has been supporting Akolade from 2012 as a digital partner to maintain their website, event microsites and dedicated channel sites, provide creative support, and execute ad production. We also supported moving Akolade's digital assets to AWS based cloud environment and helped them avoid keeping legacy inhouse IT infrastructure and its costly maintenance nightmares.

Problem Statement

As event registrations picked up over the years, hundreds of thousands of registrations and customers' data piled up. Akolade realised that maintaining third party registration systems is not flexible enough to meet their business needs and is getting very costly for continued operations. Akolade finally decided to build their own registration portal that can channel in all the registrations from their various channels.

Akolade Unified Registration Portal

StratAgile built a .Net + SQL server-based registration portal for Akolade that can support a complex set of registration and promotion rules such as an early-bird discount, team discounts, promo code discounts, booking package discounts, etc. The system also seamlessly integrated with Hubspot and Zero for sales operation and accounting.

Return of Investment

As it is an inhouse-built dedicated portal for Akolade, all the critical business essentials were implemented matching the real-world workflow of Akolade's line of business. The payment channel is powered by MPGS-based payment gateway directly from CommBank Austria, thus eliminating the need for a third-party gateway. This saves a lot of money on transaction commissions. The system also provides a high level of security for Akolade's customers as they pay directly via MPGS gateway from MasterCard.

Business Flexibility

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, Akolade, being an event company, was severely affected. However, by swiftly adapting new technologies and implementing virtual conferences, Akolade managed to bounce back at a faster pace. As the registration system is based on cloud environment, StratAgile was able to quickly change the systems and adjust the infrastructure for the increased online-based operations without any downtime.

Cloud Infrastructure

StratAgile adopted AWS cloud infrastructure to support Akolade's operations. The web servers are powered by load-balanced autoscaled EC2 instances, the database is protected by a highly secure RDS instance with real-time and daily backups and encryption at rest, and the file system and backups are managed by S3-based storage systems. With AWS's world-leading firewall systems, we are effectively able to prevent DDoS attacks – and with web application firewall (WAF), the application-level security is achieved.